LETTER: Is Auto Theft Allowed in Saguache County?
Anne Pyterek | 8/5/13

The time has come to ask my neighbors for help. And I don't mean my immediate neighbors. They seem to think this is all and great big funny joke.

I'm hoping the good people of Salida will be able to show Crestone how it's done.

I need help getting my car back. I live in the ranch district, between Moffat and Crestone. Hitch-hiking into town is a major ordeal. And having no refrigeration, I need to do grocery shopping almost every day.

Three months ago, I took my car to so-called mechanic Kalvin Rilling in Crestone. It had a broken axle and a bunch of little stuff in the engine. After adding more and more parts to the list of what was needed, the total, for the parts alone, came to $500, which I, stupidly, paid in advance. He seemed nice. And I like to support small business.

He said it would be ready in a week.

THREE MONTHS LATER, being too drunk to keep track of his own lies, he's still telling me it's almost done...like I'm stupid enough to believe anything he says at this point. I don't have to be a mechanic to spot a liar. Two months ago this was merely ridiculous. By now it is downright obscene. Criminal even.

And, apparently typical for him. It seems he is staggering drunk all the time and the whole town knows it. But I didn't. I do not hang out in Crestone. 

This cannot continue. I need to get my car away from him and to a real mechanic. I talked to the Saguache County Sheriff's Department and they said that for $15 they would escort me and a tow truck to his shop to take back my car... that he has no right to keep it and they would be there to make sure things didn't get ugly.

They agreed that, after this long, it was akin to auto theft.

But after putting me off, time and time again, it became clear that although willing, with only one day guy on, in this whole huge county, they aren't really able. I cannot afford to pay $150 to the tow truck and still not get my car out. I think Kalvin would be cooperative with police presence, but without? I'm afraid to risk it.

This is impacting my life horribly and I desperately need assistance. If any of your readers are big, scarey-looking tow truck drivers, covered with tattoos and piercings, with arms the size of tree trunks, who can guarantee we will come away with my car, I would love to pay them for the job.

I can be reached at annepyterek@yahoo.com


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