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Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Front Page 
Gala Fundraiser for Colorado Symphony Season : This will be the first and only opportunity to purchase advance season tickets at a $20 discount...
Special to the Post | 9/30/14
PHOTO ESSAY: Twin Lakes, Into the Looking Glass : I parked, grabbed my camera, and ran across the highway unscathed...
Cynda Green | 9/29/14
A Guided Tour of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area : Along the way there will be numerous stops where Hickey will explain the distinctive geological features...
Rose Bayless | 9/29/14
Fall Fun for Kids : Boys and Girls Club is offering 'Wonders of Science,' knitting, chess, pickle ball, field hockey, circus classes...
Robin NeJame | 9/25/14
VIDEO: Vino Salida's 11th Annual Tenderfoot Stomp : Help stomp two tons of Colorado-grown red grapes over the weekend and visit with old and new friends...
Special to the Post | 9/25/14
City Vandalism : While many people were enjoying the many events in town, City of Salida property was vandalized...
Special to the Post | 9/23/14
Opinions & Letters 
OPINION: Time to Speak Out on Climate Issues : The Forum grew from our recognition of the City’s own Energy Focus Plan, adopted in January 2014...
Mel Strawn | 10/1/14
EDITORIAL: Of Racetracks and Constitutions : 'The Constitution provides a tool for Americans and their State Legislatures: Article V...'
Bill Hudson | 10/1/14
LETTER: Trade Agreements are Ruining America : For example, the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has only 5 chapters of the 29 that actually deal with trade...
Sue Long | 9/29/14
THE SALIDA NRCDC CHRONICLES: Big Plans for Vandaveer Ranch : 'So, are you saying, don’t get rid of the 63-20?' Mazzeo asked...
Cynda Green | 9/25/14
LETTER: Mark Udall’s Broken Record : CBS 4 in Denver has tried for two months to get Senator Udall to agree to a ‘prime-time’ one-hour live television debate...
Dagmar Huffman | 9/25/14
OPINION: Banned Books in Jefferson County? : 'State-funded school curriculum should promote academic integrity, not ideological agendas...'
John Krieger | 9/24/14
Arts, Culture, Community 
Rebecca Folson, Sally Barris Perform This Friday in Salida : Their styles and voices complement each other, giving them the dynamic synergy...
Clark Roberts | 9/30/14
Artists Sought for Duck Stamp Competition : 'It is amazing every year to see what the artists come up with,' said Tilman Bishop, a volunteer member...
Special to the Post | 9/26/14
HRRHC to Host 'Wearable Art' Fashion Show : The boutique, featuring hand-crafted pieces, opens at 11am with the fashion show, and luncheon following...
Special to the Post | 9/19/14
Submit Your Photos to GARNA Photo Contest by September 30 : Have you taken a nature photo in an upper Arkansas River valley locale...?
Special to the Post | 9/19/14
FICTION: Fire in the Hole, Part Three : Today, who would ever know that deep shaft coal miners and their families had ever once lived and worked here?
John Kekec | 9/17/14
FICTION: Fire in the Hole, Part Two : 'I see a lot of people up there at the tipple. Think we’ll have any more trouble today with all the protestors?'
John Kekec | 9/16/14
Business, Health, Education 
Marijuana Packaging Goes Green : 'This new solution helps foster an environmentally-friendly approach to child-proof marijuana packaging...'
Barbara Diner | 10/1/14
SPECIAL REPORT: Licensed Child Care in Short Supply in Colorado : This struggle is particularly difficult for families with infants and young toddlers...
Andrea Streff | 9/30/14
'Sharing Success' Program Matches Sangre de Cristo Electric’s Contributions : 'Shared success is a hallmark of the cooperative business model, so we’re absolutely delighted to offer it...'
Special to the Post | 9/29/14
'State of Working' Report Summarizes Colorado Employment Story : 'It's disturbing that during a period of economic growth we see so many Coloradans falling behind...'
Terry Scanlon | 9/29/14
Cañon City Geology Club Hosting Lecture on 'Big Horn Sheep Canyon' : You won't need to be a geologist to understand and enjoy this presentation...
Special to the Post | 9/26/14
Coalition Wins $2.9 Million Teacher Preparation Grant : The Coalition will use the grant to train new STEM teachers for elementary and middle schools in rural Colorado...
Philip Clelland | 9/26/14
Recreation & Environment 
National Parks Service Announces 'Partnership Awards' : 'These incredibly dedicated partners have raised the bar for cooperation and support...'
Special to the Post | 9/18/14
GARNA Hike to Davis Meadows : On Saturday September 27, GARNA’s Friends of Fourmile Chapter will help to celebrate National Public Lands Day...
Special to the Post | 9/18/14
Hunting Opportunities for Ability-Impaired in Ridgway : No other hunting is allowed in the area and the hunt will be guided...
Special to the Post | 9/15/14
Groups File Appeal on Longmont Fracking Ban : 'The judge failed to apply the law correctly and the decision deserves review by the higher courts...'
Alan Septoff | 9/11/14
Enter Drawing for 2014 High Quality Hunts in Meeker Colorado : The ranch features a variety of habitat, including high elevation aspen and conifer forest...
Special to the Post | 9/10/14
Upcoming GARNA Events Celebrate the Outdoors : Activities will include a scavenger hunt, backcountry cooking demonstrations and presentations..
Special to the Post | 9/4/14
Essays, Poetry, Humor 
HAIKU : aspens glow lemon, gold, pumpkin-red...
Susan J. Tweit | 10/1/14
ESSAY: The Future of Civil Society : What might have been the implications beyond Scotland if it had gained independence?
Mel Gurtov | 9/30/14
ESSAY: Peace is Breaking Out All Over the World : Also, the number of organizations succeeding in promoting peace is impressive and increasing...
Steven Youngblood | 9/29/14
ESSAY: End the Outing : In earlier decades, gay and lesbian celebrities lived in fear that their careers would be destroyed...
Laura Finley | 9/26/14
ESSAY: The New Silent Majority : Brothers, it’s the fourth quarter, the clock is ticking, and there are no more time outs...
Rob Okun | 9/22/14
ESSAY: Nationalist Illusions : This rhetoric, of course, is the lead-in to yet another American-led war in the Middle East...
Lawrence Wittner | 9/15/14

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